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Malaya Golden Chersonese Spa Treatment - For 2

This couples experience celebrates the epic journey of Isabella Lucy Bird in British Malaya and her bold passion for adventure.

Her time spent in British Malaya is famously chronicled in ''The Golden Chersonese'' - the ancient name of Malay Peninsula. Ms Bird's evocative account of Malaya ignites the imagination of an exotic and exquisite land. Brilliantly plumed birds, delectable fruits, and heavenly fragrant flowers were the subject of detailed study, as she marvelled over the richness and plentitude of nature found here in Malaysia. 

For Her:

  • Banana Honey Hair Masque
  • Papaya Coconut Scrub
  • Lime Blossom Bath
  • Bunga Rampai Massage 

For Him:

  • Banana Honey Hair Masque
  • Malay Herbs Scrub
  • Herbal Steam*
  • East India Spice Massage

Suen Couples Experience: Book with us and receive a Bespoke Spa Village Gift ( Lavender Scent Eye Pillow)