Suen Couples Bespoke

Kago Square Bendable Bowl

The Kago Square Bendable Bowl is made of pure tin, which is extremely malleable, allowing it to be easily bent by hand to form baskets of varying shapes.  You can pull it up high, throw baguettes in it, and display it as an ornament as well as a bread basket, or shape it into a bowl to arrange fruits in.

Of course, these bowls are not just for food—you can put anything in them. What’s more, you can happily lose yourself in bending them this way and that, which is great fun in itself.


- Excels in high-mix low-volume production.

- 100% pure tin used in products.

- Most expensive metal after gold & silver.

- Highly skilled workmanship in metal casting.

  especially in complex & precise detailing.

- The unique sound produced when bending the material is known as 'Tin Cry' - the reforming of crystals.

- Shape it any way you like.

- Can be used as a lampshade, wine bottle holder.