The Resplendent Ceylon

Holiday in the Lush Tea Country of Sri Lanka

The world's first tea bungalow resort, Ceylon Tea Trails is an icon for small luxury resorts. Compromising of five restored colonial-era tea planter residences, the period furnishings, gracious butler service and gourmet cuisine created an ambience that has made Tea Trails the gold standard for luxury bungalows in Sri Lanka.


- The Resplendent Ceylon Tea Trail is situated at an altitude of 1250 meters near Hatton, central Sri Lanka and borders the World Heritage Central Highlands. It offers breathtaking panoramas of mountains and lush tea fields.

- Offers you the non-hotel, private house ambience. 

- Explore the Tea Trails experience whereby the resort's resident tea planter will demonstrate the age-old tea making process which ends will a tasting of different grades of a great brew. 

- Leisurely walk or an adventure trek to experience the varied landscape. A guide can be provided on request. 

- Biking, tennis and white water rafting also available upon request. 

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